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Healthy Aging among LGBT Seniors in Canada: A Review of the Literature


Emily Murray, Matthew Numer, Brenda Merritt, Jacqueline Gahagan, Scott Comber


January 2012


This paper discusses a review of the literature on how gender and sexuality impact healthy aging in relation to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) seniors. Despite the recognition of the importance of gender and sexuality in relation to health outcomes, the health needs of LGBT seniors have largely been ignored by health policy and program developers and are rarely considered within the scope of practice of many health care professionals. Recent research in the area of LGBT seniors and health care has established the need for greater inclusivity and diversity education among health care workers. While many seniors are comfortable with their sexuality later in life, others may be unable or unwilling to disclose their sexual orientation due to fear of homophobic reactions (Brotman, Ryan, & Cormier, 2003). This review of the literature frames further investigation into the experiences of LGBT seniors and the challenges for caregivers as essential to producing more effective
health promotion policies and programs.


Murray, E., Numer, M., Merritt, B., Gahagan, J., & Comber, S. (2012). Healthy Aging among LGBT Seniors in Canada: A Review of the Literature. International Journal of Health, Wellness & Society, 1(4): 179-192 doi:10.18848/2156-8960/CGP/v01i04/41193.

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