2SLGBTQI Older Adults Resource Map

The 2SLGBTQI Seniors Resource Map is a place to start your search for local programs and services that may be available for a 2SLGBTQI older adult in your area. Like any map, this map is by no means complete or entirely accurate, but is meant as a first step to seeing what’s out there. The map will be updated periodically.

*Tips & Tricks: This map has been created using Google Maps, but the interface sometimes limits the accessibility and readability. Please zoom in to your desired location in order to see all the options populate. You can also search by clicking “View Larger map” on the top right-hand corner and using the search bar. 

*Disclaimer: Please note, Egale does not have a direct relationship with all the organizations listed here and cannot guarantee that each organization has enacted 2SLGBTQI-inclusive anti-discrimination policies and practices, or that each organization will provide the services you may need. This database is provided for general information purposes only, and does not indicate Egale’s endorsement of the organizations, their staff or their services. 

Last updated: October 2022 

Dernière mise à jour: Octobre 2022