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Acting in Allyship with 2SLGBTQI People Living with Dementia — Guiding Principles for Healthcare And Social Service Professionals

February 2023

This document synthesizes research findings and recommendations—with considerations from current available research, existing relevant best practices and guidance, and expert opinion—into five guiding principles for better supporting 2SLGBTQI people living with dementia and their primary unpaid carers. This document is for:

  • Healthcare professionals who provide primary and/or tertiary care
  • Healthcare professionals who develop policies and programs
  • Social service providers who provide programs and services to support health and wellbeing

The guiding principles outlined in this document were developed to complement existing skills and competencies and offer pathways for ongoing learning, rather than provide a repository of best practices or checklist of step-by-step processes.

Overview of the study

In 2021 Egale and the National Institute on Ageing conducted national research focused on dementia and unpaid care among 2SLGBTQI people in Canada. This 30-minute presentation provides a high-level overview of the study, key findings, and recommendations.