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Introducing: Aging and Living Well eCourse

Introducing Egale Canada’s Aging and Living Well eCourse.

As people grow older, the importance of their care is essential for living a healthy and secure life. However, some services available to certain older adults can be harmful and impact them in a way that’s hard to understand for others. These services must be addressed to aid and care for all aging adults equally. 

In this free scenario-based online learning activity, you’ll examine the lives of Joseph, Sarah, Aadhavi and Alex, four older adults who are also part of the 2SLGBTQI communities. Throughout the ecourse, you will learn more about each person and the struggles they face as an aging 2SLGBTQI adult. With scenarios informed by real-life experiences of aging 2SLGBTQI adults, you will have opportunities to make decisions and answer questions on how to address problems, find gaps and inform service improvements.

With the knowledge from this course, you’ll be able to consider obstacles aging 2SLGBTQI adults face when using services and connect issues they face in daily life with issues regarding housing health, community, and disability. You’ll also learn how to identify gaps that 2SLGBTQI aging adults and other discriminated groups face from services and reflect on this knowledge to apply to service delivery. 

This eCourse and the Aging and Living Well project were funded by the Slaight Family Foundation.