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Les aîné-es trans : une population émergente ayant des besoinsspécifiques en soins de santé, en services sociaux et en soinsliés au vieillissement

Billy Hébert, Line Chamberland, Mickael Chacha Enriquez




Trans elders are an emerging population that includes individuals with diverse identities, realities, and life paths. In this literature review, the authors first address this diversity, in particular in regards to one’s generation and to the age at which one has begun transition. The authors then discuss trans elders’ physical health, with a focus on the specific issues and needs such people can have in regards to health care services, and on the barriers jeopardizing their access to adequate care and services. The isolation and lack of support that many trans elders face is then presented and some of the barriers that exist in accessing social services and age-related care are introduced. The article also offers multiple recommendations for health care and social services providers and concludes with future avenues of research.


Hébert, B., Chamberland, L., & Enriquez, M. (2012). Les aîné-es trans: une population émergente ayant des besoins spécifiques en soins de santé, en services sociaux et en soins liés au vieillissement. Frontières, 25(1), 57-81.

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